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  • Current Work

    Currently accepting new commissions for temporary and permanent works for private or public spaces as well as inquiries for visiting artist lectures and projects.  please contact

    Spartanburg Art Museum, May 17 – August 5, 2018

    A new site-specific work will be installed at The Spartanburg Art Museum.

    Society of Spectacle, Fed Galleries, Kendall College of Art and Design

    Grand Rapids MI, August 29-October 10, 2017

    Minimalist Mania is a functional homemade gameshow set constructed on site for “society of Spectacle” an exhibition on view august 29-October 10 @fedgalleries
    A series of episodes and performances will happen in mid September for @artprize and will be streamed and presented in the gallery itself.

    More details forthcoming on the Artprize website.

    New Site-specific installation, August 31-October 28, 2017 Sumter County Gallery of Art, Sumter SC

    In conjunction with The 50th anniversary celebration of the South Carolina Artist Fellowship, I will be returning to Sumter for the creation of a new site-specific work. A decade ago Sumter was the site of the second site-specific work I ever attempted. After a decade as an emerging artist it is fitting to revisit this location and city.

    Fortunes, August 7 – October 10, 2017 Coastal Community Foundation, Charleston SC

    A show of works on paper and recent wall hangings will be on view at the Coastal Community Foundation’s Headquarters in Charleston SC

    Hickory Sticks, May 4 – September 9, 2017

    Hickory Museum of Art, Hickory NC

    “HMA invites North Carolina artist Jonathan Brilliant for a week-long residency to create a site-specific installation in the Museum’s Coe Gallery using to-go coffee accoutrements as his art materials. The artist will laboriously weave 50,000+ wood coffee stirrers to create a site-responsive, colossal sculpture influenced by the gallery’s 25 foot ceiling and unique architectural features – spiral staircases and Palladian windows. Visitors will be able to walk under, in and around the undulating walls of this structure. The woven stirrers are held in place without the use of adhesives; tension and compression are what gives the structure strength and stability. Complementary smaller installations comprised of coffee cup sleeves, disposable lids and coffee stain wall drawings will also be included in the exhibition.”

    Fortune Prints available for purchase from Twyla

    A selection of editioned works on paper are available for purchase directly from

    Eye of The Needle: Jonathan Brilliant and Amanda McCavour, March 18 – August 26, 2016 Taubman Museum of Art, Roanoke VA

    A two person exhibition curated by Amy Moorefield is on view at the Taubman Museum of Art. more images here


    Jonathan Brilliant: On Site, June 19 – August 26, 2015 Greenhill, Greensboro, NC

    10 days were spent on sit creating a new site-specific installation for the Greenhill Center for North Carolina Art, curated by Edie Carpenter. image gallery here

    The Mankato Piece January 2015, Minnesota State University, Mankato

    The Mankato Piece was created during the course of a week long residency within the art department. This project was made possible through the Nadine B. Andreas Artist and Scholar Endowment. A special thank you to Liz Miller and David Hamlow for generously providing lodgingand poodles. View full image gallery here

    The Clarksville Piece October 2014,Austin Peay State University, Clarksville, TN

    The Clarksville Piece was built over the course of 4 days while in residence at Austin Peay State University. Special thanks to Macon St Hillaire, and  Michael Dickins for facilitating this work. more images here

    Fall 2014 Sabbatical Replacement, University of Oklahoma, Norman OK

    I will be serving as a sabbatical replacement in the sculpture department at OU.

    Building a Universe, SC State Museum of Art, Columbia SC, August 2014- March 2015

    A group show of southeastern artists curated my Paul Matheny will be on view in Lipscomb gallery Beginning August 16. see my contribution here

    The Red Stick Piece: An Installation by Jonathan Brilliant Louisiana Art and Science Museum, Baton Rouge LA, April 4 – June 29 2014

    I was on site creating a new  installation from March 24-April 4 2014. This project was developed by the Arts Council of Greater Baton Rouge, with support from the Louisiana Art & Science Museum, LSU School of Art, Baton Rouge Area Foundation,and Baton Rouge Community College.  The exhibition is made possible thanks to generous support from Matt and Catherine Saurage and Ritter Maher Architects. see more images and video of the finished work here

    The HQ Piece, 2014, HQ Co-working space Raleigh, NC

    The HQ Piece was a commissioned site-specific installation for the HQ Raleigh Corporate headquarters and co-working space. The project was facilitated through a partnership with the CAM Raleigh. more images here

    Campaign of Good Fortune, Kendall College of Art and Design, Grand Rapids MI, September – October 2013

    Campaign of Good Fortune is a series of human scale fortune cookie fortunes, printed yard signs, and custom printed fortune cookies. These fortunes are  arranged to create a series of encounters in the grassy areas in front of the Kendall College  Federal building, The Grand Rapids Public Museum, and at various sites throughout town. more images here

    Out of The Box,2013, Artfields Festival, Lake City, SC

    I was one of four featured artists for the “Installation Art of the Carolinas” show curated by Erin Glaze-Nathanson for the Artfields festival. Along with artists, Jarod Charzewski, Jocelyn Chateauvert,  and Herb Parker, I was in residence creating a new site-specific work for this event.

    Crates and Impressions, April 28-May 19, 2013
    Artnow Lecture, May 2, 2013, 6:30pm

    Morris Museum of art, Augusta Georgia

    As part of the Artnow lecture series, focused on Southern contemporary artists, I will be giving a talk on my work and the “Have Sticks Will Travel” tour that has consumed the past 4 years of my life. A selection of prints, crates, and tour related ephemera was on display in the Education gallery, details here

    Modern Monday lecture series, Becthler Museum of Modern Art,Charlotte NC, March 11 2013

    I will be giving a talk on my work, my process, and post ww2 artists represented within in the Becthler collection who have influenced me. more information  and tickets here

    Woven Structure, City Hall Plaza, North Charleston, SC, 2013

    A new permanent work comprised of woven and welded steel has been sited in a traffic circle at North Charleston’s new city hall site. view images here

    Suite of Rust on Paper works, Hyatt Hotel, Greenville, SC

    DAC art consultants have commisioned a new suite of rust on paper works for a hotel in Greenville SC. This will be the first new rust on paper works created since 2009. previous examples are still available and viewable here

    In Tension, Roam Projects, Birmingham ,AL, October 2012

    A new Site-specific installation curated by Greg Wingo  opened  the beginning of October in a vacant pharmacy in downtown Birmingham. view a complete gallery of images here

    Soup To Nuts Patron Lecture Series,  Halsey Institute of Art September 24, 2012

    Soup to Nuts is an American English idiom conveying the meaning of “from beginning to end.” The phrase comes from the description of a full course dinner, in which courses progress from a soup to a dessert of nuts. These dinners are intimate casual affairs with artists serving as the main course. Of course we don’t eat the artist! Rather, we eat soup and devour the featured artist’s creative process as they describe inspiration, passions, grunt work, and, ultimately, final result. Lively conversation ensues. Soup to Nuts. These events occur 4 times per year and are a benefit of Patron Membership. more information on this event here.

    NC Museum of Art, Absolutely Brilliant Problem solving workshop, September 22, 2012

    How does problem solving in the visual arts relate to problem solving in math, social studies, science, or language arts? Join artist Jonathan Brilliant and NCMA educators for a workshop exploring the various ways artists have solved problems across the ages. Participants earn 0.5 CEU. Registration required.
    more information here

    Visting Artist California State University, Fresno, September 2012

    In September 2012 I was a visiting artist at California State University, Fresno. During that time I constructed a site-specific work for the Center for Creativity and The Arts. For more information and to see images of the Woven and Stacked exhibition click here

    Cairns Festival, North Queensland Australia, August 2012

    I was invited for a  residency in  Cairns, Far North Queensland Australia, where I created a new site-specific sculpture for the 2012 edition of The Cairns Festival. see the finished work here

    Summer Artist in Residence, July 2012 Artspace Raleigh, NC

    I am the summer 2012 Artist in Residence at Artspace Raleigh. The resulting work of my 3 week residency is now on view through September 21, 2012 in the exhibition To Weave. To Stack. To Stain. view images here

    Olek, Mathew Curran, and Jonathan Brilliant, Flanders Gallery, June 2012

    A 3 person show opened  June 1st 2012. I will be contributed a new site work along with related works on paper curated by Kelly McChesney. There will be a catalog published on the occasion of this exhibition. view works here

    North Carolina Museum of Art, Spring Educator Expo: Problem Solving Across Disciplines.

    I will be a featured speaker and conducting a workshop for teachers from across the state of North Carolina. Event requires pre-registration, more information available at this link:

    Fine Lines, Found Textures, and First Impressions, Columbia College, February 2012

    The three main elements for my installation at Columbia College are: a Series of Rust Prints, a large site work, and a new series of prints created in the facilities of Columbia College. The unifying element in all these works is my interest in drawing my way through a space. In this case all the “drawings” I am making will be created not through the literal artist’s hand or handwriting, but through the exploitation of labor, arrangement, and the physical properties of selected materials. view completed works here

    Weaving, Stacking, and Staining, Coastal Carolina University January 2012

    For the Rebecca Randall Gallery I created an installation whose title was the instructions for creating the work found within the gallery. The show was a continuation of my explorations of materials found within the contemporary coffee shop merged with the processes of British nature based works. Wooden coffee stir sticks woven in place with tension, coffee cup sleeves stacked inside of one another and coffee grounds pressed into the wall combined to create a series of compositional elements designed to activate the entire gallery space. view completed work here

    Pollock Krasner Foundation Individual Artist Grant.

    I was recently announced as a recipient of a Pollock Krasner individual Artist Grant. I am very humbled by this honor and appreciative to all those that have facilitated the creation of my work and allowed me to be so fortunate. Thank You.

    Stick, Stack, Show, Visual Arts Center of Richmond,  November 2011

    A new site-specific installation utilizing all the materials of the to-go coffee shop culture was created for this solo exhibition. In addition new prints, editions, works on paper and a catalog are being planned for this exhibition. Curated by Caroline Cobb Wright. view completed work here

    Have Sticks Will Travel @Kendall College of Art and Design Gallery, Grand Rapids MI, September 2011

    A new site-specific woven stir stick installation was built in the street level gallery during the course of a two week visting artist residency.  This exhibition was part of the Grand Rapids citywide Artprize festival. Curated by Sarah Joseph.

    South Carolina Arts Commission Visual Arts Fellow 2012

    From the official press release:

    SC Arts Commission Announces FY2012 Artist Fellowships

    COLUMBIA, S.C. – The South Carolina Arts Commission Board has awarded Individual Artist Fellowships to four South Carolina artists in the categories of visual arts, craft, music performance and music composition. Each artist receives $5,000.

    This year’s fellows are:

    • Visual Arts: Jonathan Brilliant, Richland County
    • Craft: Russell Biles, Greenville County
    • Music Performance: Lee-Chin Siow, Charleston County
    • Music Composition: Mark Kilstofte, Greenville County

    “The arts, and all the benefits they bring, depend on capable artists, who are central to the creative industries in our state,” said S.C. Arts Commission Executive Director Ken May. “The fellowships offer resources that artists can use to advance their careers. We’re fortunate to have funds to award thanks to a generous contribution from the South Carolina Arts Foundation.” more information available here on the SC Arts Commission website

    Making in The Real World Lecture Series, Winthrop University, Rock Hill SC, April 15, 2011

    I will be a visiting artist at Winthrop University  leading a critique of the current senior thesis exhibitions in the afternoon followed by an Artist lecture at 5:30pm and a reception for the students at 6:30pm. for more information click here

    Field of Good Fortune,  A Temporary outdoor installation for the City of Columbia SC,    May 20- June 20, 2011

    Field of Good Fortune was a series of life size fortune cookie fortunes. These fortunes were printed on sign material mounted  and arranged to create a series of pathways in the grassy area on the corner of Main and Lady in downtown Columbia SC.  see completed project here

    GreenLight III, Curated by Joie Lassiter, Bank of America Plaza ,Charlotte NC

    Four Recent Rust on Paper works were included in the Group Show Greenlight III curated by Joie Lassiter. The other Artists included in the exhibition are: Aurora Robson, Gowri Savoor, Elizabeth Knowles, Susan Knight,  Mary Babcock and Kerry Philips.

    From the Catalog Essay
    “Jonathan Brilliant explores the progression of decay in his artwork by oxidizing steel and forcing the rust on to paper. This technique is used in his series Rust on Paper, allowing the viewer to contemplate the idea of using a foundry produced element such as steel, to produce patterns and repetitious imagery reminiscent of the natural world. These works further illustrate man’s ability to force change”- Joie Lassiter, 2011
    To view more Rust on paper works go to for more information on the exhibition contact Joie Lassiter at

    Two Rooms.  Georgia College State University, January 20-February 17, 2011

    Two Rooms is a new site-specific installation for the Georgia College State University Galleries. One room contains a new series of viewer-activated, vibrating, audio-enabled coffee cups. In another room a new site-specific site-responsive work utilizing the pre- and post-consumer materials of the American to-go coffee shop culture will be created. Full documentation viewable by following this link.

    Projecting the Sky so It Can See Itself

    A new temporary site-specific video installation reflecting my time spent in Residence at The McColl Center for Visual Art full documentation viewable here

    Have Sticks Will Travel World Tour:Finale

    September 10, 2010-January 8, 2011

    The culmination of the 18month Have Sticks Will Travel World Tour. For this multi-room multi-media installation several works are presented in order to encapsulate the experience of the tour. In the first room prints that were editioned at various stops during the year are intermingled with new versions of the coffee cup sleeve line and coffee lid wall installations. In the second room a new site-specific woven stir stick installation has been created in response to the unique architecture of the space. On the video wall a collection of tour videos, stop motion videos, installation documentation and various related media from the entire tour are playing in a loop. To view full image gallery please click here

    Artist In Residence at The McColl Center for Visual Art  September 7- November 21, 2010

    To view selections of the work created while in residence please click here

    The Have Sticks Will Travel World Tour 2009-2010

    Have Sticks Will Travel World Tour

    The Have Sticks Will Travel World Tour was a marathon series of site-specific installations that took place in thirteen galleries, in eighteen months, in three countries, on two continents. Along the tour I used the galleries and facilities I was provided as my studio, creating my woven tensile stir stick installations entirely in situ. At various points along the tour I created and exhibited prints, t-shirts, posters and related artist multiples. The goal was to allow this body of work to feed itself where each subsequent installation reflected the lessons learned in previous installations.


    T-Shirts, Posters, Prints, and other artist multiples available online

    Iced Beverage Basket, Outdoor steel work placed on University of West Georgia Campus, Carrolton Georgia

    Big Ass Water Bottle, Permanent welded steel work placed at Riverfront park North Charleston SC

    Currently accepting new commissions and inquiries  for both temporary and permanent outdoor or indoor works for private or public spaces  please contact

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