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Sight. Site. Cite.

Detail of historic molding in the gallery at Greenhill Center for North Carolina Art

June of 2015 I will be installing a solo show at the Greenhill Center for North Carolina Art. The show is being called “Jonathan Brilliant: On Site”. When I heard the Curator first share the name my mind immediately began somersaulting around Read more...


A Universe Built

After a brief scramble completing my piece for the “Building a Universe” exhibition at The South Carolina State Museum, here is 5 days gone in a minute.

Building a Universe, 2014 from brilliant on Vimeo.


Building A (my) Universe – Days 1-3

After more than a year of construction delays, the grand opening of South Carolina’s newly renovated State Museum and currently under construction planetarium is fast approaching. As such the curator of visual art Paul Matheny has organized a group show of South Carolina affiliated artists to populate an exhibition appropriately titled “Building a Universe”. While Read more...


accidental public sculpture

It sometimes takes getting out of my own environment and being somewhere new to notice the details of the built world that I would otherwise miss in daily life. The process of being deposited somewhere foreign over the years and then immediately beginning a routine of installation work helps ground me. Another of the things Read more...


BR Day 5,6,7

The stick and sleeve form is primarily resolved at this point and I am beginning to shift focus to the pattern for the wall drawing. I am hoping to be prepped and laying in the espresso by late tomorrow or early Tuesday. I am really excited to see the tensioning cables and sleeves producing the Read more...