• Arkadelphia Prints, 2010
  • Call For Entry, 2010
  • Crates and Impressions, 2013
  • Fortunes, 2011-2015
  • Rust Never Sleeps, 2006
  • Rust on Paper, 2004-2009
  • Selected Drawings, 2001-2009
  • The Fresno Prints, 2012
  • The GR Prints, 2011
  • The McColl Prints, 2010
  • The Milledgeville Prints, 2011
  • The Norman Prints, 2009
  • To The Center, 2010
  • Crates and Impressions, 2013

    April 23 – May 19, 2013

    Morris Museum of Art, Augusta Georgia

    Crates and Impressions 2009-2012

    The works on paper represented in this show come from several distinct but interrelated portfolios of prints. These editions were realized at various print studios around the country in conjunction with commissioned site-specific installations created between May 2009 and September 2012. In many cases the prints were created as a direct record of the materials used for creating my installations, in other instances I was simply turned loose in a well equipped print studio and given carte blanche to create whatever I wished.  These crates are ones that have been used over the years for transporting raw materials to projects as well as sculptural elements within previous installations. In this context they are being used to showcase examples of tour related ephemera and installation material. Where the show is quite literally traveling within the crates.


    Crate 1, 2013, coffee cups, vibrators, motion detecor

    Crate 2, 2013, coffee cup sleeves, custom wiring

    Crate 3, 2013, woven stir sticks, custom wiring, tour paraphanelia

    The Milledgeville Impression,2011, embossings on bfk taken from sections of the Milledgeville piece installation

    Coffee Cup Sleeve Mandala, 2010, Coffee Cup Sleeve collagraph on rives cream

    The Richmond Impression, 2011, Woven stir stick relief print on rives cream

    To The Center, 2010, Coffee cup sleeve collagraph  on Rives Cream

    The Fresno Impression, 2012, Woven Stir Stick Embossing on rives white

    The GR Haze, 2011, One color lithograph printed from aluminum plate with spray paint ground

    Fresno Ellipse, 2012, One color screenprint in silver grey reflective ink on revere edition