• Arkadelphia Prints, 2010
  • Call For Entry, 2010
  • Crates and Impressions, 2013
  • Fortunes, 2011-2015
  • Rust Never Sleeps, 2006
  • Rust on Paper, 2004-2009
  • Selected Drawings, 2001-2009
  • The Fresno Prints, 2012
  • The GR Prints, 2011
  • The McColl Prints, 2010
  • The Milledgeville Prints, 2011
  • The Norman Prints, 2009
  • To The Center, 2010
  • Rust on Paper, 2004-2009

    Rust on Paper Works 2005-Present

    rust on paper statement

    In 2005 I stumbled upon a technique that allows me to create a stable rust print. These prints use a process which constantly destroys the steel objects used to make the patterns. I use a mixture of chemicals that simultaneously oxidize steel and force the rust into the paper. The literal entropy of the rust printing process relates to the organic growth patterns and nature derived imagery in the work. Once the rust reaches the desired hue I seal the work using an organic sealant to stabilize the imagery. This dichotomy between imagery and surface and stability and instability continues to be a motivation for this work.