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    January 20-February 18th, 2011

    Milledgeville, GA

    Curated by Carlos Herrera

    The sounds of vibrating coffee cups, repeating every four seconds triggered by the amount of motion in the gallery, 2011
    found to-go coffee cups, wood, silver bullet personal massagers, cell phone chargers, motion detectors, stereo mixer, zoom delay pedal, crate amplifier, contact microphones, custom wiring

    The Milledgeville Piece, 2011
    40,000 wooden coffee stir sticks woven in place and held by tension

    “The Physical Space is Representative of The Mental Space”- Unknown source

    Two Rooms was a new site-specific installation for the Georgia College State
    University Blackbridge Hall Galleries. One room contains a new series of viewer-activated, vibrating,
    audio-enabled coffee cups. In this room the normally still to-go coffee cup will twitch
    and jolt in response to a viewer’s presence. This twitching and vibrating creates a
    vigorous percussive soundtrack that acts as a point of departure for personal meditation
    of the space and the noise within. In another room a new site-specific site-responsive
    work utilizing the pre- and post-consumer materials of the American to-go coffee shop
    culture was created.
    The two rooms provide multiple points of departure that are of interest to me.
    First, is a focus on contemplation of the space where the artwork is presented and the
    quiet moments of meditation and sanctuary from the outside world that gallery spaces
    provide. Additionally, in my mind, the idealized setting and experience of the gallery is
    intertwined with the perfect comfort provided by contemporary coffee shops. Finally, it is
    my belief that, whenever possible, work should be created directly in the space where it is
    to be presented or created specifically for the place where it will be displayed. Two
    Rooms affords me a rare opportunity to present these two ways of working in the same


    “A Brilliant Installment”- GCSU Colonade