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  • Mas Alla de Las Pallabras

    May 28, 2010-Jun 30, 2010

    San Jose Del Cabo, Mexico

    Mas Alla de Las Pallabras (Beyond Words)

    From The Exhibition Text: Artist, Jonathan Brilliant, spent over one week creating this extraordinary sculpture by weaving more than 60,000 wooden coffee stir sticks together. The entire structure is held as one purely by tension. Simultaneously overwhelming and delicate, the art installation is a testament to how man’s creativity and ingenuity can transform mundane materials from our daily routines – in this case stirring our coffee – into something simply spectacular and beautiful. His Artistic dynamic redefines the sticks — sticks that traditionally function individually and in motion, always discrete, elusive, and easily discarded — into an important single element that rests static yet simultaneously pulsates in a system of tension. The resulting structure generates a magnificent organic presence that challenges the rigidity of the enclosed space. Hugo Ortega M.F.A., Savannah College of Art and Design Doctorial Studies in Art and Education, Columbia University


    The Los Cabos Piece, 2010, wooden coffee stir sticks woven in place and held by tension The Norman Print, 2009,  wood embossing relief print The Arkadelphia Print, 2010, wood embossing relief print Coffee cup Sleeve Mandala, 2010, coffee cup sleeve collagraph


    “Gringo Gazette TV- Beyond Words” “Escapes Magazine. Beyond Words” “Baja Pulse: Jonathan Brilliant Installation” (Link to download full version of paper)”