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    June 19 – August 26, 2015

    Greensboro, NC

    Ten days were spent  in residence creating this installation for Greenhill center for North Carolina Art. The work was created to literally weave it’s way through and around the row of columns that define the space within the gallery. The image is loosely based on that of a Mobius strip and brings forward developments  from prior installations. The room has a frieze drawn in coffee grounds directly into the wall, with an image created as a response to the historic moulding in the gallery. In addition to the coffee shop materials, an excessive amount of braided aluminum cables and ferrules are used to draw attention to the tension within the sculptural work and the gallery. The hundreds of eyelets still resting within the ceiling of the gallery  create a kind of ghost of installations past providing a connection point for this work. The three most dominant features of the Greenhill gallery are the historic moulding, the row of columns and the overwhelming amount of eyelets and hardware left behind in the gallery ceiling, these elements ultimately defined this work. This show also marks the first time that a fully functioning espresso bar was housed within the gallery.

    The Greensboro Piece, 2015
    70,000 wooden coffee stirrers woven in place and held with tension, 6,500 coffee cup sleeves stacked one inside of another, braided aluminum cable, ferrules and found hardware

    Product Configuration, 2015
    Black, Brown and White Solo traveler lids affixed with satin pins in a corner of the gallery

    Grounds For Removal, 2015
    espresso and water

    A Thin Green Line, 2015
    iced coffee straws

    Crate 1, 2013, coffee cups, vibrators, motion detecor

    Crate 2, 2013, coffee cup sleeves, custom wiring

    Crate 3, 2013, woven stir sticks, custom wiring, tour paraphanelia

    The Fresno Impression, 2012, Woven Stir Stick Embossing on rives white

    Fresno Ellipse, 2012, One color screenprint in silver grey reflective ink on revere edition

    The GR Impression, 2011
    Woven stir stick embossing on cotton rag

    The Radiating Sleeve Print, 2012
    9 unique edition coffee cup sleeve collagraphs on paper, 22”x30” each

    Sine Wave Sleeve, 2012
    one color screenprint on chine colle starbucks napkins on rives white