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  • it’s all part of my NPR fantasy.

    I am openly hooked on npr as an integral part of working in the studio. It is true that npr can be thought provoking and stimulating, but I like it because it is the audio equivalent of a screensaver. You know really fascinating to observe, everyone has it on in their office or worksapce, and we are all guilty of staring at it and enjoying the unintended entertainement value. It is all these qualities and the even nature of the timbre on all of npr’s programming that make it the perfect background noise for certain types of work. Particularly when i am weaving on site running up against a deadline the audio metronome that is public radio is just what i need to help me focus and feel less isolated. I am at my happiest working on site when i can listen to the public radio feed for kqed on itunes, because i am addicted to joe mcconnell’s tarffic updates. It is also true that when I was younger I thought radio reader was the worlds greatest super hero. The other thing I have always loved about npr, and it’s cousin etv is pledge drive season. That’s right that one time of year when you see amazing concerts on etv, that one time of year that ira glass actually says something funny. You know that bit where he calls the child of someone who listens to npr and asks them to pledge for their parents, or he calls and guilts someone into joining. Well these are all the things i thought of when my npr fantasy became that much more real with the acceptance of my project by the startup fundraising website kickstarter. I know it probably is more appropriate to call it a crowd sourcing platform, but this is my npr fantasy and we call it fundraising(although one of the webby things about kickstarter is it is all or nothing, meaning if i don’t make my goal, no money changes hands. I guess like ebay but I have never bought or sold on ebay before so i can’t be sure). So following the npr model I have several different gifts for various levels including the ubiquitous “whole hog” pledge that ends it all at the bottom(meaning if someone pledges for the total amount we reach the goal and everything else is just gravy). In keeping with the npr model I will be going about my regular content creation as an artist but will occasionally interupt my programing for pledge breaks npr style(you know laden with guilt, wit, and tons of enticements based on your level of pledge). The pledge drive actually ends December 22 right around the time i start weaving stir sticks for The Sticks, Straws, Sleeves and Lids show at The University of South Carolina, because i figured that was more npr style to resume regular programming after the drive, rather than having it run into the real content.

    Pledge $2 or more

    every 2 dollar donation gets you a signed stir stick and a sticker

    Pledge $3 or more

    LIMITED REWARD 32 of 33 remaining

    If you pledge $3.33 in honor of my 33rd birthday I will send you a special limited edition birthday card. On the cover is an original drawing, and inside is the text “Happy Birthday from those who adore you”, I will also throw in a signed stir stick, and a sticker. The cards will be printed with soy based inks on archival paper using a local mom&pop shop wedding invitation printer. They will be signed and numbered and include a standard invitation envelope. My way of saying happy birthday to you for saying happy birthday to me. Pledge $5 or more

    A selection of stickers and a personalized postcard will be mailed to you

    Pledge $10 or more

    LIMITED REWARD 47 of 50 remaining
    A selection of stickers, official tour poster(designed by Sarah Lowe), and a couple postcards…
    Pledge $20 or more
    LIMITED REWARD 5 of 5 remaining
    Brilliant the Blinding elightenment- Is one of five unique compact flourescent ultrabright desk lamps featuring my favorite portable consumer fetish object as lightsource.…
    Pledge $30 or more
    LIMITED REWARD 29 of 30 remaining
    A glow in the dark t shirt and A selection of stickers, official tour poster(designed by Sarah Lowe), and a couple postcards

    Pledge $33 or more…

    Brilliant 33rd Birthday vibrating Pledge- In Honor of my 33rd birthday on November 9, I am offering the following special: Your very own vibrating coffee cup. The cup is created from a genuine to-go coffee cup from any one of the many fine coffee establishments I frequent. The cup is then modified with it’s very own vibrator similar to the cups depicted in this installation plus you get all the gifts listed at the ten dollar level. Show some vibrating birthday love won’t you.…
    Pledge $75 or more
    LIMITED REWARD 7 of 10 remaining
    A one color screenprint emblazoned with the woven stick patter plus A glow in the dark t shirt and A selection of stickers, official tour poster(designed by Sarah Lowe), and a couple postcards
    Backer 3 BACKERs…
    Pledge $150 or more
    LIMITED REWARD 10 of 10 remaining
    everything from the $75 level, plus a dvd portfolio with all the documentation of the project a digital catalog of the tour to date and all videos in full quality,plus i will send you a coffee mug from all the places i visit on the second half of the tour in 2010(limit ten prizes at this level)

    Pledge $175 or more

    LIMITED REWARD 3 of 3 remaining…
    The Zinnia This Pledge level entitles you to your very own custom woven acrylic wall panel. The panel will be created by weaving and plastic welding custom milled clear acrylic strips into a panel approximately 36”round. The weaving pattern used is the same one I use for the woven stir stick installations. The advantage of the clear acrylic is it’s permanence, and the beauty of the shadows cast directly on the wall. To see an example of a larger 85”x85” woven panel go to Of course I will still throw in a poster, postcards, stickers, and maybe a little something extra if your nice……
    Pledge $250 or more
    LIMITED REWARD SOLD OUT (might release a tall, but this was the only venti and someone got it)
    1cast aluminum coffee cup, postcard, stickers, and a signed stick This unique casting is created through the lost latte process of aluminum casting. This venti coffee cup was actually destroyed through the metal casting process in order to release it’s true essence into the atmosphere, creating this very sacred portable consumer fetish object which is now available to you only if you pledge at this level.
    Pledge $500 or more…
    a very special stir stick embossing monoprint(created by inking and running the actual woven stir sticks through a printing press) plus A one color screenprint emblazoned with the woven stick pattern plus A glow in the dark t shirt and A selection of stickers, official tour poster(designed by Sarah Lowe), and a couple postcards…
    Pledge $2,500 and end this pledge drive now.
    you get all the awards mentioned above, plus i will create a portable installation in a crate for you. I will take an old art travel crate and convert it into a portable gallery complete with motion activated lighting system. The crate will contain a woven stir stick installation built directly into the crate. It will be shipped to you (sorry us locations only) and all you will do is simply open the crate plug it in and enjoy your very own installation to-go.