• Arkadelphia Prints, 2010
  • Call For Entry, 2010
  • Crates and Impressions, 2013
  • Fortunes, 2011-2015
  • Rust Never Sleeps, 2006
  • Rust on Paper, 2004-2009
  • Selected Drawings, 2001-2009
  • The Fresno Prints, 2012
  • The GR Prints, 2011
  • The McColl Prints, 2010
  • The Milledgeville Prints, 2011
  • The Norman Prints, 2009
  • To The Center, 2010
  • Selected Drawings, 2001-2009

    Here you will find two galleries of drawings, one with selected drawings and prints from 2002-2007, and the other with selected drawings from 2008-present. These drawings are often made in the quiet moments of my life between other grander noisier work. Many of the drawings are simply meditations on the to-go coffee cups, water bottles, power tools, and materials that fascinate me. Although I do not currently exhibit these drawings they are available for exhibition or purchase, if you are interested please email me with the subject “drawing”

    selected drawings from 2008

    selected drawings and prints from 2002-2007